Chef de partie Level 3


A Chef de partie is responsible for running a section in the kitchen. They prepare food and carry out basic cooking tasks under the supervision of more senior chefs. The main objective of a Chef de partie is to run a section in a kitchen, they have responsibilities including preparing, cooking and presenting high-quality dishes.

This apprenticeship provides a great training opportunity for team members working within the catering/ culinary sector. On completion of this standard, apprentices will demonstrate a range of preparation and cooking methods under supervision, using a wide variety of fresh produce across each section in the kitchen.

Key responsibilities are likely to include working with other team members to ensure the quality of the food items produced meets brand, organisational and legislative requirements, knowledge of food safety, and assisting in preparing, cooking, and finishing a range of menu items.


Employers may set their own entry requirements, however, Apprentices should hold a Level 2 English and Maths qualification prior to taking their endpoint assessment.

Career Progression

Progression from this apprenticeship is expected to be into a senior production chef or a senior culinary chef role.


18 Months