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Excelsis Training is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare, well-being, and ambitions of all the learners we work with.

We recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children, young people and vulnerable adults. Creating a safe learning environment that promotes the well-being of apprentices is fundamental for any training provider.

Our Care & Guidance begins right from the moment Learners apply and continues until they have successfully completed their programme!

The responsibility for creating a safer learning environment is shared by all of us working in the apprenticeship sector. An open, supportive and ‘speak out’ culture promotes the safety and well-being of all apprentices and staff meaning that:

  • Learners can thrive and achieve
  • Learners can feel safe and secure
  • Everyone is assured that their welfare is a high priority.

We work with each learner throughout the program and ensure that we contact them at least once a month to discuss the next steps, finances, housing, health or other issues related to safeguarding.

We are committed to protecting learners from all forms of harm, including preventing them from becoming involved in radicalization and terrorism.

Excelsis Training’s Safeguarding Team

We have a Designated Safeguarding Lead who oversees the welfare and well-being of all Apprentices.

There are a further two Deputy Safeguarding Officers to ensure there is sufficient coverage across all of our provisions.

Excelsis Training has supported Apprentices through a wide range of issues, from advice about homelessness and healthy eating to helping them perform in their job roles and go on to highly rewarding careers.

Meet the team
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Lydia Boakye

Designated Safeguarding Lead

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Salma Hannoun

Deputy Safeguarding Officer