Modern Slavery Statement

At Excelsis Training, we are firmly committed to upholding the principles of the Modern Slavery Act. We recognize the gravity of modern slavery and human trafficking and are dedicated to maintaining ethical, transparent, and responsible practices across our operations.

We actively engage in due diligence and continually strive to ensure that our institution and supply chains remain free from any form of exploitation. We offer comprehensive employee training, ensuring that our staff and stakeholders are well-informed about the signs of modern slavery and the necessary steps for reporting and addressing concerns. We prioritize transparency, fostering an environment of open communication that empowers our employees, suppliers, and partners to report suspicions or concerns regarding modern slavery without the fear of retaliation. Additionally, we remain dedicated to continuous improvement, regularly evaluating and refining our policies and procedures to maintain our position at the forefront of modern slavery prevention.

Our commitment to these values highlights our unwavering dedication to social responsibility and human rights.