Our Commitment

At Excelsis we are committed to making a difference in your world of performance, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our Other Programmes

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Our Traineeship programme comprises a personalised training plan that supports 16-24-year-olds onto their chosen career path, This is creates an organic progression into apprenticeship. We offer placement that will give you substantial and meaningful workplace experience and give employers the opportunity to train you in order to shape a talented, potential employee.

Benefits of Traineeship

A Traineeship is a significant step towards a rewarding career, providing learners with a high-quality work experience placement that makes them job ready. They will receive support in the following:

  • Improving their English and maths skills, working towards formal qualifications – will boost your chances of getting a job, as well as improving your long term prospects and earning potential over your lifetime
  • Work behaviours
  • CV writing – will give you the opportunity to build your CV and get vital experience with local and national employers
  • Completion of application forms
  • Developing their interview skills
  • Work preparation training ensures young people have the skills and confidence needed for an Apprenticeship or other jobs
  • Meaningful work experience that will provide insight and experience of the world of work, making you more attractive to potential Employers
  • At the end of the placement employers may offer an Apprenticeship or another paid role within the company.

Adult Training

Business Administration Level 3

Our Diplomas in Business Administration are designed to provide learners with the skills, knowledge and competence to either work effectively within their current business administration role or to move into a business administration job role.

The qualifications can apply to a wide variety of industry contexts. These qualifications are suitable for learners aged 16 years or over and provide learners with an opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge required for working in a business administration role across a wide cross-sector of industries where business administration is a requirement of the day to day job.

There are also optional units which relate to wider work topics such as participating in business projects, principles of equality and diversity, social media and marketing, legal and/or financial aspects of the business or research and/or innovation within a business context.

Diploma in Business Management Level 5

This qualification is vocationally based and as such, offers the opportunity for learners to demonstrate achievement of practical skills, understanding and knowledge in Management of Productivity. Our Management courses are designed to provide a practical introduction to organisational management, productivity and competitiveness.

Learners can choose from a variety of modules designed to suit their own and their organisations’ needs. Topics include new product development, risk management, supply chain management and corporate social responsibility.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for learners undertaking this qualification but learners must be capable of working at undergraduate level.

Learners must be in a position to demonstrate the requirements of the qualification and have access to required assessment opportunities and relevant resources. Please refer to specific assessment requirements on individual components for more information.

Centres will undertake initial assessment activities with learners to ensure this is an appropriate qualification and they are capable of achieving the level they will be studying before enrolling them onto a programme of learning.

These qualifications are suitable for learners aged 18 years or over.

Adult care Diploma Level 3

This qualification is vocationally based and as such, offers the opportunity for learners to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills required to be a Lead Adult Care Worker in an Adult Care setting.

Lead Adult Care Workers help adults with care and support needs to achieve their personal goals and live as independently and safely as possible. Adult care settings include day care centres, residential and nursing homes, domiciliary care day centres or other clinical healthcare settings.

Typical job titles include Care Officer, Care Supervisor, Senior Care Worker, Supervising Care Worker, Senior Support Worker, Relief Team Leader, Social Work Assistant, Social Services Officer, Outreach Development Worker, Community Development Worker or Family Support Worker.

Other potential job roles include being a Personal Assistant or Lead Personal Assistant (working at a senior level) for one individual who needs support and/or care services, usually within their own home.

Health and Social Care up to Level 4

Our Diplomas in Health and Social Care (Adults) qualifications are designed to develop further skills and knowledge when working with adults in the health and social care sector.

Learners will gain knowledge on the day to day living needs of adults, supporting individuals in regards to their emotional and physical care and awareness of mental health and learning disabilities.

These qualifications will indicate an individual can undertake a specific role in the workplace and that may be relied upon by employers. These qualifications are included within the Apprenticeship frameworks, achievement as a standalone qualification offers the learner the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and competence to carry out a job within the health and social care sector without the need to complete functional skills.

These qualifications are for learners who wish to develop the skills and knowledge required for employment within the health and social care sector. These qualifications link to the Health and Social Care National Occupational Standards.

There are no formal entry requirements for learners undertaking these qualifications however learners need to be employed or working in a position which allows them to demonstrate the competence based requirements of the qualification.

All competence-based units must be completed in a real work environment. These qualifications are suitable for learners aged 16 years or over.

Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care Level 5

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge needed to manage practice and lead others in adult health and social care provision or in children and young people’s services.

The six pathways cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Safeguarding and protection
  • Developing and carrying out policy
  • Managing care services, change programmes and recruitment
  • Promoting and developing best practice
  • Supporting development and partnership working
  • Care management
  • Quality systems and improvement

The Management pathway is suitable for Assistant Managers and Deputy Managers working in day or domiciliary services who are looking to progress their career. It is also appropriate for Managers who have not yet achieved a qualification at this level.

Learners should be at least 19 years old. It is also recommended that they will hold a Level 3 qualification or above in a related area.

Learners will need to be working in the role of Deputy or Manager in an appropriate setting, or have the opportunity to carry out responsibilities associated with these roles to be able to study for the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (England) (90 credits).